Email/ Spam Protection
Enjoy the benefits of a reliable email system

There are tools that can reduce your exposure, and minimize the amount of spam and malicious email you get, & protect yourself and your team. These tools include email encryption, spam protection, outbound email filtering and email continuity. With improved email protections, your business will enjoy the benefits of a reliable email system without being exposed to the phishing attacks and hacker threats associated with it.

Reduce cyber risk

With less spam hitting your mailbox, chances of falling for a breach are greatly reduced

Improve email access

With flexible search options, attachment & message archiving

Simplify systems

Get complete email indexing
and easy access to
your data

Ensure your email security

Protect against online
threats and safeguard your business

Content Filtering

Content filtering to block suspicious and undesirable websites

Defend Latest Malware

Up-to-the-minute software upgrades to defend against the latest malware.