Put your business in the front seat

Remember your old car?

It seemed fine until you drove your friend’s new model. Your email seems fine too, but like the new car with auto-driving, a back-up camera and roadside assistance, it could be so much better.

Businesses like yours use email more than any other application,1 so let’s supercharge yours so you can focus on the road ahead.

Avoid traffic jams

Map a clear route with an intelligent inbox that prioritizes your emails. Stay ahead of your moving schedule with a calendar that captures events from emails and bubbles up important messages.

Add racing stripes

Establish a professional look from the moment you hit send with branded email addresses for everyone in your organization. Add an email signature with a company logo to give readers useful contact information and a visual connection to your brand.

Stay in motion

Flexible usage options let you work how you want, where you want, on your device of choice. Manage your organization from anywhere by accessing email, calendar, and contacts wherever your journey takes you.

Lock your doors

Prevent unauthorized users from opening sensitive documents or viewing private information, and secure devices by creating approved mobile lists, enforcing PIN locks, and enabling remote data wipes.

Put the brakes on threats

Enhanced data security protects your inbox against spam, viruses, ransomware and phishing scams, helping you avoid business threats and compliance issues.

Avoid expensive pit stops

Save time and money by removing the burden of email upkeep and avoid the surprise expense of unplanned hardware and software costs.

We’ll help take your email to the fast lane.