Secure File Sharing

Share Your Files Securely with Anyone

Not only access the files but Net2Web Cloud Drive also enables you to share the important files and folders with the people you trust. Simply select the file or folder you want to share and add the email id of the person with whom you want to share these files and done!

How Can You use Secured File Sharing of Net2Web Cloud Drive?

In order to share your files using Net2Web Cloud Share simply follow the 3 steps 

Step 1 : Access the Files

Login to your Net2Web Cloud Drive account and access the folder or file you want to share. Your folders will be automatically backed up on the cloud server periodically.

Step 2 : Add the File Owner

Once you are done with the file, simply go to the options of the file to add the owner of the file. In order to add someone as an owner of the folder or file you need to add their email, then select “Notify” to send email.

Step 3 : Change Permissions

Once you add the owner of the file, you can also select what exact things they can do with your files. You can assign only viewing rights or Editing rights depending on your need and done. Now you can enjoy the Secured File Sharing of Net2Web Cloud Drive Secured Cloud Servers

Control the Editing and Deleting Rights of File

Ever wonder what will happen if someone temper the file which is very important for your business? What if someone accidently or deliberately deletes it? In any case you may face the loss in terms of finance, time and reputation which is not good for the business that you are doing. But now with Net2Web Cloud Drive you can overcome this problem by controlling the rights of editing and deleting for each of your file or folder. Simply select the permissions which you want to allot to the user and safeguard your files.

Stay Secured From Unauthorized Access and Malicious Viruses, Malware and Ransomeware Attacks 

Every organization has important files which it doesn’t want to lose. You have to secure these files from the dangerous Malicious Viruses, Malware and Ransomeware Attacks. In order to prevent your files from getting used by unauthorized person you can store them into the secured servers of Net2Web Cloud Drive. Our servers are secured and reliable to store, share and edit your files from any part of the world using any device with active internet connection. Enjoy the seamless experience of secured file sharing on Net2Web Cloud Drive.