Remote Access

Access Your Files Remotely At Anytime, From Anywhere

Now you don’t need to carry your laptop wherever you travel. You can access the important files from any part of the world using Net2Web Cloud Drive. View, Edit and Share the important files that matters to you and your business with easy, secure and reliable Net2Web Cloud Drive

How Can You Access Computer Files Remotely From Any Place?

Net2Web Cloud Drive enables you to store your files into a secure cloud server which is accessible over the internet. In order to access your files all you need is user id and password of your Net2Web Cloud Drive account and the Internet. It doesn’t matter if you are carrying your laptop or using any Internet enabled device you can access, edit and share your files.

Access Your Files from Any Device

As a business owners we are actually working 24×7 even during holidays or when travelling. It is not always possible to carry the files that we need from time to time to adhere to compliance or take important decisions. Net2Web Cloud Drive enables you to store, edit and share your files online with the power of cloud technology. You can access files from any device which has an internet connection. You can use our Android and Apple Mobile Applications to access computer files remotely using your mobile devices.

Secure Important Files on Net2Web Cloud Drive

Now you don’t have to worry about losing your important files or getting it in the wrong hands. Net2Web Cloud Drive enables you to store your important files by automatically syncing your local computer folders over the cloud. You can also use the advance security feature to save your files from unauthorized access.

Control the Rights to Your Files Remotely

Allow or disallow the rights to files remotely from anywhere, anytime to safeguard your files or share it with someone. You can select whether someone can view the file or they can edit it too. Change permissions from any device with your admin account. This amazing feature can help you in case of emergency and when you are travelling.

Easily Access Your Files

Forget the good old days when you used the remote desktop like team view or any desk to access your files. Now with the help of cloud technology you can access your files easily from anywhere, anytime without using any software. Simply login to your Net2Web Cloud Drive account using any browser and access your files and folder.