Secure Cloud Backup

Automatically Backup Your Local Files to Cloud

Now you don’t need to manually upload each and every file folder which is important to you on the cloud. Net2Web Cloud Drive enables the automatic backup of all your files on the cloud so that you can store your important files on the cloud and share it seamlessly with just few clicks by maintaining the security of files.

How to Backup Computer Files on Secured Net2Web Cloud Drive Servers?

Net2Web Cloud Drive regularly checks in your local computer for changes in the files and folders and uploads the folders and files that you have marked as important to the secured and fast cloud server. It backs up the files on the regular basis so that you do not miss the important changes that you have done to your files.

Get Rid of Manual Backup of Files

Now you don’t need to manually backup each of your files and folder on the cloud. Just select the important files and folder of your computer and turn of the sync to automatically backup the files over the cloud and access your files from any device. You can also use our Apple and Android Mobile App to Access Your Files.

Restore the Lost Files and Folders with Just Few Clicks

In case of any data loss or unforeseen happening with your data you can back up your files from our cloud servers within just few clicks. Simply login to your Net2Web Cloud Drive files and access your files or folders that you want to restore. Download the files and restore it back to your computer to start working again. You can also share these files securely with your staff or anyone.