Net2Web Cloud Drive

Secure | Fast and Reliable Cloud Solution for Your Business

How Does Net2Web Cloud Drive Work?

Now you can use the power of cloud storage to store, share and access the files which are important. With Net2Web Cloud Drive you now automatically backup your local computer files into a secure server and access them with our super easy to use interface from anywhere and anytime. Forget about the days when you were used to back up your data manually to avoid loss of the data. Net2Web Cloud Drive takes a backup of your important files automatically so that you do not lose any valuable information.


Cloud Storage and Backup are just the starting. You can now do a lot more with our professional cloud solutions.

Access/Edit/Share from Anywhere

Need your important files when you are travelling? Want to edit the document when you are not with your laptop? Now you can do it with our cloud solutions. You can Access, Edit and Share your files from any part of the world. Use the secure login id and password to access your files and the seamless experience of cloud storage and sharing facility.

Securely Share the Files with Anyone

Want to share the files with the people in your organization? Now you can do it securely with the power of cloud storage. Share it seamlessly with anyone by just adding their email id in your Net2Web Cloud Drive account. Share with your employees, manager, accounting or any person outside your organization in just a few clicks.

Backup Important Files (Automatically)

Our Windows Client helps you to backup your automatic files and folders on the cloud so that in case if anything goes wrong you can retrieve your files easily. You can use the restore or download option to get back your important files from the cloud server. By this way your files are always secured.

Control the Editing and Deleting Rights of Files

Safeguard your important files from the dangerous virus attaches like Ransomware. Now you can schedule the automated backup of your important files and folders. Our system will periodically backup your files and folders automatically to the cloud server so even if your computer breaks down you can still access your files.